Automation Anywhere A2019

The Automation Anywhere digital workforce platform forms the basis for the secure and comprehensive automation of complex business processes.

Automation Anywhere A2019

Designed from the ground up to provide the first purely web-based user experience. Enterprise A2019 - the latest version of Automation Anywhere, the premier platform for the digital workforce - also offers organizations the choice of on-premise or cloud deployment. It is the first platform to offer RPA-as-a-Service as a turnkey automation solution for businesses of all sizes.


Automation Anywhere's Digital Workforce facilitates all aspects of an organization's automation. Enterprise A2019 forms the RPA Foundation, where both supervised and unattended bots can be created, managed and easily extended. This is achieved through customizable programming code and AI technologies.


Cognitive automation and analytics, both from a business and operational perspective, form the next level of the portfolio, which also enables insight into the data of an organization. The RPA Mobile App also provides managers with anytime, anywhere access and control over their bots and an ROI dashboard, showing the performance capabilities.


The portfolio is rounded off by the Bot Store, an "App Store". This store offers downloadable, ready-made bots and digital workers.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the element of the digital worker portfolio in all areas. From AISense for intelligent user interface automation for applications like Citrix to intelligent, self-learning add-on capabilities like machine learning, natural language processing and more. Enterprise A2019 is at the heart of every end-to-end automation solution.


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