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Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture automatises and accelerates company procedures through collecting paper documents and forms of any kind and converting them into reliable information that is available at any time. This information is then transferred to your business applications, -processes and -workflows. Whether the data is on paper or stored in electronic files, in a headquarter or scattered on desktops at external offices around the whole world, Kofax Capture will assist you in processing this data. 


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Thanks to its unparalleled scalability, Kofax Capture enables a powerful document and data collection in the production scale. It collects information from all kinds of sources: scanners, multifunction devices, printing stacks, e-mail, fax, web service or folders. In the entire company, Capture-controlled processes are automatised wherever documents are being received – independent of location, origin, language or type.


Regardless on which hardware or company application you decide now or in the future - you can make sure that Kofax Capture provides a consistent collection, indexation and validation of your valuable data.

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Kofax Capture is a powerful platform for a standardised, consistent and reliable company-wide collection of incoming documents and information of all kinds at its origin. Kofax Capture accelerates business processes through collecting documents and forms and processing them into precise, retrievable information and transfering this data in its business applications, workflows and databases.


No matter if the information is available in paper form or electronic form, whether it is stored in a central place or scattered on desks and offices around the world, Kofax Capture will assist you in processing your data fast and precise. This ensures a continuous processing of the content and an acceleration of the core processes.

Kofax Capture delivers powerful, production level capture of documents and data from virtually any source: scanner, multi-function printer, print stream, email, fax, web service or folder. For document capture, it boasts the fastest, most flexible scanning and indexing solution available. For data capture, the solution extracts important information such as machine printed text, bar codes, hand printed words and even checked boxes.

Kofax Capture uses the same powerful indexing and validation process to capture information from electronic sources. That means your workflow or content management system receives consistently indexed content, regardless of the origin or format, and your organization benefits from reliable, accessible, process ready data and documents.

For many organizations, the initial receipt of a document is also the initiation of a process or transaction. Kofax Capture enables organizations to efficiently capture this content directly where documents are received — whether in the central office, remote branch or home office — and deliver actionable, process ready data to core business systems, archives and processes. With this flexibility, Kofax Capture delivers a single platform solution that leverages a single set of business rules, permissions, and security and job settings, regardless of the format, source, language or location where the document was received.

Kofax Capture is an enterprise ready, modular application that can be used right out of the box to meet the capture needs of a specific department, and expanded to meet the complex requirements of a high volume, mission critical enterprise. From hundreds to millions of documents per day, the solution can capture it all.

You can tailor Kofax Capture to support your precise business processes with dozens of plug-and-play modules — from automatic content-based document classification, to automated document separation, to powerful data extraction tools that extract information from even the most difficult semi-structured and unstructured documents. Or you can write your own. The solution’s flexible, open architecture makes it possible to perform simple capture-to-archive to more advanced capture-toprocess for any document type from any source, anywhere and at any time.

Kofax Capture has more than 140 connectors to various lines of business applications, ECM, ERP, BPM and workflow solutions. It uses standard release scripts to connect seamlessly to business systems from IBM®, Oracle®, Microsoft®, Open Text®, Hyland®, Pega® and many others. The solution can also export to any ODBC-compatible database or to a delimited ASCII file. This flexibility makes Kofax Capture the standard front end for any system.


Kofax Capture is also available in an enterprise edition that offers high availability and disaster recovery for mission critical implementations. Remote, real-time management of system performance enables you to handle exceptions quickly and meet throughput requirements. the solution easily extends capture throughout your enterprise by taking advantage of Terminal Services and Citrix® server technology, providing remote, on-demand access to Kofax Capture modules, and enabling the processing of more documents in less time via multiple-instance support. Additionally, Kofax Capture Enterprise Edition offers options for enterprise-class database management systems such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, and Oracle Database.

Kofax Mobile Capture

Using the Kofax Mobile Capture™ platform companies can integrate powerful and interactive capture and process management components in their mobile apps. That way information-intensive interactions can be optimised and self service functions can be expanded to the customers. By means of this platform, smartphones are converted into smart tools to collect data with dynamic apps, which approach the customers right at the time they want to be approached on their preferred communication channel. The Kofax Mobile Capture platform allows companies to improve their customer service, accelerate transactions and increase their revenue.

Patented image processing and powerful data extraction technologies automatically capture, extract and validate information from images and videos which are taken by smartphone or tablet. This eliminates the need to enter information manually. The established, open platform can support virtually any capture application – and advanced analytics provide full visibility to enhance the user experience. This significantly improves an organization’s ability to deliver a wide spectrum of powerful, interactive mobile capture apps – with better data and at lower costs – resulting in an improved customer communication and a distinct competitive advantage.


Statistical apps – which allow users to track a status or check their account balance – lead to a new wave of apps addressing customers of financial service providers, insurance companies, the health sector and public authorities through mobile phones. In order to stay competitive you have to address customers where and how they wish. It is time to expand your processes with the help of mobile apps and therefore simplify and accelerate processes like the recording of new customers, account openings, notifications of claim made to the insurance companies, payment of bills and submission of cheques.


Mobile devices are gaining more and more importance, therefore it is essential to provide a technology for capturing mobile data, one that can be used in many different fields of the company. The open Kofax platform, equipped with excellent, configurable tools, offers companies in a fast changing environment the possibility to fulfill customer demands. Using the Kofax Mobile Capture platform, companies can develop a broad range of solutions to mobile customer addressing. Using the technology of mobile capturing, apps have countless functions – all of them via one platform. Nowadays customers with mobile devices can interact with the core system of a company, this results in providing more services in real time through the communication channel your customers prefer.

Your Benefit

Gain customer satisfaction with communication that is transactional, not just informational. Empower the customer with simple, secure, real-time engagement. Support multiple points of customer engagement and deliver more services via your customers’ preferred channel.

The open and single Kofax platform—equipped with advanced customization and configurable tools—gives organizations the control to meet customer demands in a rapidly changing environment. Leverage the platform to control image processing, data classification and extraction, validation, business rules, exception handling and more.

Advanced mobile analytics provide organizations with actionable insights into accuracy and performance of their users, devices and documents. With that information, usability and improvements can be implemented to optimize the customer experience and enable right-channeling capabilities.

The concept of simply providing information via mobile apps has been replaced by real-time, back-and-forth engagement. Enable the customer to self-serve and complete their engagement (e.g., a couple of taps and a photo). Empower customers with image-enabling for mobile apps, resulting in a win-win interaction and experience.

Simplify and accelerate transactions with automatic entry of data within documents, reducing the need for costly manual reviews and validation and improving customer service and satisfaction.


Deliver any mobile capture and engagement use case from a single, open platform—all under your control and resources. Your organization won’t be stuck with closed point solutions. Easily extend to new applications and solutions, all from the same platform and vendor.

Customers simply point, click and confirm. Data contained within documents is automatically entered for the user, eliminating the need for tedious manual entry. The process promotes self-service to significantly simplify and accelerate transactions.

Real-time dashboards and visibility provide insight into performance spikes, drop-offs, bottlenecks, document costs per channel (mobile, fax, etc.) and countless other metrics. As you see what’s happening in the process in real-time, you can quickly make improvements and other critical modifications.

Running natively on the device, Kofax technology turns smartphones into advanced information-capture devices, ensuring the best images are captured for the user. This overcomes challenges for lighting, blur, jitter, optics, background and document size.

Orchestrate the mobile user experience and app flow with Kofax technology, resulting in dynamic customer engagement. Utilizing industry-standard HTML5, deliver customer-facing mobile experiences that help your organization capture and understand content, while orchestrating and managing the end-to-end user experience, business rules and process.

Beyond mobile, any app or process can be extended to additional customer engagement channels such as portals, web, email, fax, print streams, scanners and multifunction peripherals. Organizations can enable customers to engage them and their services via any available channel.

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Kofax Transformation Modules

Kofax Transformation Modules™(KTM) is an add-on to Kofax Capture that streamlines the transformation of different document types into structured electronic information, ready for delivery into business systems and processes. Manual, error-prone and expensive document sorting and data entry processes is being replaced by automatic document classification, separation and data extraction, which reduces operation costs, increases productivity and data quality and accelerates business processes.

KTM enables Touchless Processing™ and reduces work and time expenses which is normally used to comprehend documents and to decide where the information needs to be passed within the company. Through the use of Kofax' leading document recognition technology to classify, separate and extract data from any document, regardless of type, content or size, KTM offers an overall solution to automatise all document driven business processes.

Your Benefit

Manual document classification, document separation and data extraction is laborious, tedious and a poor use of knowledge workers’ time. By automating these processes, knowledge workers can focus their efforts on value-adding tasks such as customer service or query resolution. Speed of processing is also increased when processes become touchless.

While maintaining the same staffing levels more documents and information can be captured.

By reducing (and in some applications removing) the need for manual document classification, separation and data extraction, organizations can drastically reduce their operational costs.

By automating what used to be manual processes, the system can improve the quality of extracted data compared to manual keying. Also, powerful data validation capabilities ensure that extracted information is correct before it’s used by the business systems to assist in decision-making processes. The result is fewer processing exceptions compared to manual methods, fewer customer queries and more accurate and timely decisions.

By removing the need for manual document classification, separation and extraction, companies are able to process more transactions each day.


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