IBM WebSphere Portal

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IBM WebSphere Portal

IBM WebSphere Portal Server offers functionality for customized enterprise portals through several channels that help your company deliver a highly-personalized, social experience for your customers. Using WebSphere Portal Server you can provide your customers a central access point for the desired applications, services, information and social connections. WebSphere Portal Server contributes to increase the visitors' responses and reduce web operations cost.


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WebSphere Portal Server comprises the following features:

  • Applications and contents can be quickly consolidated based on user profiles, including search-, personalisation- and safety features.
  • Simplify the transfer of portals with one click, from staging to the production, using a tool for the site management which contains rollback- and version control functions.
  • The solution contains integrated social and prompt communication, e-commerce functionality and analysis support. Portal applications can be optimised by means of common products of other suppliers.
  • You can integrate composed mashup-applications, e.g. service feeds of other web applications.
  • Integrate customers through offering personalised access on applications and contents.
  • Provide content and dynamic offers focused on your target group, based on behaviour, preferences, purchases and location of the users in order to enter new markets more easily.
  • Simplify the creation of pages for business users.
  • You can enable the adaption of existing applications and the creation of new, adapted applications to satisfy customer-specific requests.
  • Enlarge online communities with contents added by its users. The users can organise and evaluate contents using tagging and evaluating functions.
  • Use an adequate WebSphere software basis that supports open standards.
  • Portal farm cluster can be administrated for several profiles in order to increase scalability.
  • Administrate data more efficient with the IBM DB2 technology and provide a higher data security and an increased performance of database-centered processes.
  • Enable a flexible access to existing company data and applications making it possible to use existing web and IT assets.
  • WebSphere Portal Enable is based on IBM WebSphere Portal Server and includes integrated functions for the management of web content that supports a fast website creation.
  • WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OS allows the common use, display and organisation of your documents and tables within the portal environment. The solution was designed specifically for the IBM z/OS platform and offers a large number of portal services.
  • WebSphere Portal Extend combines features of IBM WebSphere Portal Enable with extended functions for the online collaboration. The solution offers shared working areas, which allow the exchange of project ideas in order to increase the productivity of the team.
  • WebSphere Portal Express is customized for small and medium-scale companies. It contains a large number of portal services for companies with less than 1000 users.
  • WebSphere Portal Server Hypervisor Edition provides preinstalled, preconfigured images of the IBM WebSphere portal server to automatise the provision of solutions for web functionality in a private cloud.

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