IBM Integration Bus

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IBM Integration Bus

IBM Integration Bus (formerly IBM WebSphere Message Broker) offers a series of different options for the implementation of a universal integration fundament based on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). These implementations allow connectivity and transformation in heterogeneous IT environments for companies of all sizes, all industries and with different platforms, e.g. Cloud and z/OS. IBM Integration Bus Standard is a flexible, scalable Enterprise Service Bus for small and medium-scale projects.


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Available versions

IBM Integration Bus Standard is a flexible, scalable Enterprise Service Bus for small and medium-scale projects.

This fully equipped ESB-Produkt is suitable for implementations of all sizes. It allows the integration of data sources out of a variety of platforms in environments with and without service-oriented architectures (SOA).

This solution is adjusted to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. This introduction-oriented ESB for simple integration projects has limited functionality and is restricted to one process. It can grow alongside your company if your integration needs increase.  

This solution provides predefined patterns and connections to achieve a fast integration of clinical applications and tools in order to improve the connection of the systems in the health sector.

The edition optimises Integration Bus for the use in virtualised environments. This software allows a rapid deployment of Integration Bus in environments based on a private Cloud for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and IBM AIX®.

Using the IBM Integration Bus Manufacturing Pack, heterogeneous IT systems and operative systems in the manufacturing can be seamlessly included to enable a fast and reliable flow of information.

IBM Integration Bus Retail Pack accelerates the development and implementation of the integration between applications and systems for the retail sector and enables the conversion and processing of data.

This solution can be easily combined with the IBM z/OS® platform. This ESB has the same appearance and the same functional characteristics like a z/OS subsystem. 

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