IBM Filenet Content Manager

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IBM FileNet Content Manager in brief

IBM FileNet content manager is the content management solution for the FileNet P8 platform. It combines powerful document management with ready to use workflow tools for automation of your content-related tasks and activities. FileNet content manager can be combined with various applications from IBM and other vendors, such as IBM Watson Content Analytics, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.

IBM Content Navigator in brief

Users can access company content and edit and manage it anytime, anywhere from desktop systems, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. The main document management features include the following: version control, direct document comparison, review and approval processes, check-in and check-out functions, and the ability to select, create and edit metadata. With an add-on for Microsoft Office you can search, browse and check documents in and out directly in Microsoft Office applications.

In the article

IBM's steps to improve the user-friendliness, usability and flexibility of its ECM portfolios

point the way forward to the solution and the customer experience with IBM Content Navigator.

IBM Watson Content Analytics in brief

IBM Watson Content Analytics is a powerful analytical solution with which a company can summarise, analyse and visualise enormous amounts of information, in order to gain important insights. Watson Content Analytics helps companies to interpret and understand business information, to review what is known, and bring the unknown to light. It can be fully integrated into the archive systems Content Manager, FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Navigator user interface.


As an IBM Premier Business Partner and Managed Solution Provider, we have the necessary skills to give you comprehensive advice in dealing with these products and to incorporate them into our solutions.

Your Benefit

FileNet Content Manager helps you to master the growing challenge of managing company content.


  1. A centralised repository for your company content - for managing your documents, files and emails throughout the whole content lifecycle
  2. Optimisation of content management - and provision with central ECM services (Enterprise Content Management)
  3. Simplification of compliance management processes - with workflows for content tracking and control as well as risk management
  4. Combined with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office - to increase productivity


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In January 2015, IBM commissioned the consulting firm Forrester Consulting to carry out a study of the economic impact and potential return on investment when using ...

Best practices and Recommendations

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