Scan Services

Scan Services - Start Digital Transformation By Digitizing Physical Documents

What is included in the Scan Service?


You do not want to take care of the digitization work yourself ! Nevertheless, you want the documents to be in digital form, either for rapid processing or electronic storage.


clavis IT ag offers  scan service exactly for this purpose. We scan, index and assign your paper documents in electronic form to the correct recipients or systems.


  • We scan your incoming mail daily in our scan center in Herisau and make it available to you as searchable PDF/A documents.   
  • The digital documents can be made available directly to the defined users or to a processing system.
  • The physical documents are stored in a short-term archive while re-scan service is available upon request. If desired, the physical documents can also be stored for a longer period of time.   
  • After short-term archiving, the physical documents will be either shredded or returned to you.  
  • All process steps are logged for traceability.  
  • Volume-based settlement.


"Paperless Office in Just a Few Steps"

Paperless office - myth or soon reality? Find out more in our knowledge series about the obligations of document storage, the time-saving potential of individual document types and the risks of electronic archiving.




Use cases with Scan Services

The incoming post-mails can simply be forwarded to right personal mailbox, thus unifying the correspondence channels. Alternatively, electronic dossiers, case management or workflow systems can be supplied along with the E-documents. 

In addition to auto-distribution, the content data can be accessed in designated steps and transferred to the pre-set processing systems.

Contracts can be assigned to electronic dossiers and/or validated and managed in a case management or workflow system. This means that you have notice periods and responsibility under control at all times.

In addition to auto-distribution, the content data can be accessed in designated steps and transferred to the pre-set processing systems such as a workflow system or ERP.


The scan service offers the following immediately effective benefits:

• No manual internal mail distribution

• Faster throughput and response time in business correspondence

• Reduction of overall process costs

• Document availability independent of time and location, enabling flexible working

• Prerequisite for electronic case management or workflows

• Concentration on core tasks

• Volume-based settlement

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