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CloudRepository is the Swiss online service for using and archiving digital contents of all file formats. Vendor invoices, expense receipts, forms, Office documents, images or videos – CloudRepository absorbs all files at their origin and makes them available for all users anywhere at all times. Upon request, the Repository service can also be obtained "on premises" as Managed Service.


Read more information on CloudRepository on our Factsheet.

How CloudRepository works

CloudRepository is designed for the administration of arbitrary file types and has logically organised, central repositories for unstructured information. Thereby a central maintenance of data is ensured - data which often is still stored physically in filing cabinets or distributed over several, non-connected file servers in the company.


Through the use of document management functions the administration and work with electronic office documents in the Repository is being simplified even more. The version control allows to create several versions of documents and objects, including various versions of specific document annotations.

Your Benefit

The benefits of our repository services depend strongly on how the archive is being used in your company. We are happy to identify individual potential benefits for your organisation in a personal dialogue.

The infrastructure is located in our highly secure data center.

The service is easy to use, flexible and highly scalable for administrating, using and archiving documents of all kinds.

Using a web interface, apps, Office or a WebService you can reach your data at all times and from anywhere.

Discharge of Your IT Infrastructure
Through the purchase of the Repository as a service the internal IT infrastructure can be reduced significantly.

Cost Savings
Investments in hard- and software can be eliminated. Thanks to the consumption-oriented offsetting you pay only for what you need.

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Dokumente erstellen und Nutzen

Sie greifen via Browser, direkt aus Office oder per mobile App unabhängig von Ort und Zeit sicher auf Ihre Dokumente zu. Elektronische Dossiers mit Inhalten aus verschiedenen Quellen ermöglichen übergreifende Sichten. Modernste Such-Funktionen auf Metadaten und Inhalte steigern ihre Effizienz und begünstigen richtige Entscheidungen.

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Dokumente sicher speichern

CloudRepository ist dafür ausgelegt, Ihre Dokumente langfristig, sicher und revisionstauglich aufzubewahren. Sie definieren dabei die Formate, Lebenszyklen, Stati und Zugriffsrechte – wir kümmen uns um die Umsetzung in marktführender und bewährter Technologie.

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Prozesse unterstützen

CloudRepository unterstützt vielfältige Workflows, Einzel- oder Gruppenpostkörbe mit Zugriffschutz, Historie und Notifikation. Schittstellen zur Anreicherung mit Metadaten sind vorhanden, ebenso der einfache und schnelle Zugriff für ERP und andere Systeme.

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