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How can you communicate and interact with your stakeholders in an effective and up-to-date manner?

Digital transformation is forging ahead and changing the day-to-day running of companies. We offer the best software solutions to help organisations optimise their business processes and improve the customer experience. The result is an increase in company performance and thus an improved competitive position.


Modern technologies and the targeted use of current developments open up new avenues of cooperation with customers and employees. They also significantly influence external communication and thus brand management on a range of online channels. In the field of 'web solutions' we put this potential to use with the targeted design, implementation and operation of comprehensive portal solutions.


Raphael Crivelli

CEO • Partner

Tel. +41 71 577 50 42

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«web solutions» digitise your processes and ensure future-oriented, efficient procedures.

Obtaining the correct information independent of location, time and tool and working together on one central platform improves the involvement of the participants, reduces errors and accelerates processing times. Our offerings are modular and range from standard solutions to customised services and applications.

Digital Business Transformation

We replace paper-based, slow, error-prone processes along your value chain with efficiency-enhancing online workflows. You benefit from tailored solutions that provide optimum support for your procedures.


In a preliminary project we examine your processes, the stakeholders involved and the existing IT resources, and pinpoint potential benefits that can be exploited through the use of digital working tools. The customised solution based on these findings is implemented using an iterative approach, in close collaboration with you.

Intranet & Digital Workplace

As an integral part of the digital transformation, we work with you to design your digital workplace. This increases employee effectiveness, encourages team collaboration and strengthens company performance.


Our customised IT-supported workplaces allow all authorised staff to exchange knowledge, ideas and information on a shared system. Bilateral and multilateral, anywhere and anytime. Employees and decision makers always keep abreast of the latest knowledge and use the communication and working methods with which they are familiar from personal use of digital devices.

Dashboards and Information Portals

Heterogeneity in the mature application landscape is a reality today. Distributed data and documents, as well as constantly switching between different solutions, can make work more difficult for all 'brainworkers'. The pressure to have rapid access to the right information, documents and experts has never been higher.

Our dashboards and information portals are designed to allow users direct access to the sorts of figures, information and documents that are usually distributed in several different places. Our modular solutions are there to provide personalised, comprehensive views of customers, offers, products, etc. New perspectives emerge when we bring together things that belong together either online or on a mobile platform. Above all, it is also a matter of being able to make the best decisions.

Extranet & Partner Portals

As important stakeholders your customers, suppliers and partners also benefit from the value of your services. We offer a modular Extranet that lets you centralise the process of keeping them updated and integrate them effectively into your service provision process.


The Extranet is an information platform that lets stakeholders access relevant, personalised and role-specific information. Collaborative modules also offer options that go far beyond conventional information supply systems. They enable effective collaboration in joint projects, encourage the open exchange of opinions and information in communities, and accelerate the service provision process.

Websites & Online Marketing

People's first impression of a company is now generally online, on a website, a social media site or through a newsletter. Working hand in hand with our design partners or with one of your trusted designers, we will transform your online presence.


Based on free licence, market-leading Liferay technology, we use a responsive web design approach to create ambitious, multilingual websites. Depending on the package of offers, we will take care of search engine optimisation and your Google AdWords. Upon request, we can also handle design and initial setup, as well as manage your social media channels such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. If you choose the newsletter option, we will also develop and implement regular campaigns for you which guarantee website traffic.

Secure, from the first idea to daily use.

We see ourselves as a builder of the bridge between business and IT, and we know that, when it comes to creating optimal technical solutions, a sophisticated understanding of the initial position, motivation and objectives is crucial. During the analysis phase of each project, we work with you to develop these central aspects. We like to let the latest trends play a part in this phase, but we also capitalise on our experience from other projects. In this way, we design a solution plan that establishes the guidelines for later technical implementation.

The starting point for the technical implementation of a web application is having specific requirements, graphic drafts and clear user stories. Effective development is usually carried out over the course of several iterations, and your target groups can be incorporated as required. Our solution architectures put the emphasis on optimal usability, modularity and maximum scalability. We use the most up-to-date open source and enterprise technology.

Our support does not stop after the go-live. Our specialists can run your solution on your system or in our data centres. A 'Service Level Agreement' guarantees you extensive, trouble-free support. We will ensure your solution stays up-to-date with regular updates. If you have any problems our service desk is available to help.

Satisfied customers are our best reference.

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Used Software Products

Liferay Portal is licence-free open source software that is used in companies as an employee and business process-oriented enterprise portal. With Liferay, information, data, and applications can be combined and personalised under a standardised user interface in the employee's browser, thus providing electronic support for the company's business processes. Liferay Portal is developed in Java.

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Liferay Social Office is an open source collaboration platform based on Liferay Portal, which includes a wide range of collaboration features and portlets from the Liferay Portal open source software. The product was designed specifically for small businesses that want to use social collaboration functions and technologies.

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