enterprise integration

«enterprise integration» means process efficiency, agility, openness and security.

Whether in your company, in collaboration with customers and suppliers, or to achieve the best use of cloud applications. Smart integration is a must when implementing seamless business processes and developing new business models.


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Integration takes on a whole new meaning in the light of the ongoing advance of digitalisation.

Current trends such as mobilisation, hybrid cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industry 4.0 make high demands on companies to be able to provide and exchange data and information quickly and securely. More and more, value chains and processes are crossing organisation and system boundaries. The field is technologically very heterogeneous and the pressure to adjust to rapid change is getting ever greater. In short, the reasons to deal thoroughly and seriously with enterprise application integration are stronger than ever.

B2B Integration & EDI

Do you want to implement seamless, efficient processes with customers and suppliers?
In many companies, cross-organisational processes have a lot of potential for optimisation. Electronic connection between suppliers and customers, i.e. the exchange for example of catalogue data, orders, logistics or production data via secure connections, not only speeds up your processes and reduces transaction costs, but also strengthens the customer/supplier relationship.


We also live integration in the wider sense by building bridges between you and your business partners and, if necessary, your service providers. For specific projects, but also for day-to-day operation - whether as a managed service on your premises, or in the cloud. We use technical standards whenever possible. EDIFACT, X12, XML, SOAP, JSON, MQ, etc. are our starting point for customised solutions.

Cloud / Hybrid Integration

Do you want to integrate cloud applications efficiently and securely?
Software as a Service (SaaS) gives integration a whole new meaning. The use of decentralised systems and products from the 'cloud' is becoming ever more attractive for businesses. But how can cloud applications be seamlessly and securely integrated with on-premises solutions? How can you keep information about customers, goods or users updated across all systems? How can you keep pace with the rapid changes occurring in the dynamic applications landscape?


Cloud/hybrid integration takes care of everything relating to the integration of cloud applications into your IT landscape. Master Data Management (MDM) is just as important as Security Integration or connection to an Identity & Access Management (IAM) or Single Sign-On (SSO) system.

API Management

How can you enable your business partners to use functions and data from your core applications and integrate them into their processes?
Electronic interfaces to customers or business partners, also called APIs, behave like contracts: they enable standardised, efficient interlocking of business processes, create proximity and increase customer loyalty. APIs are also subject to certain rules when it comes to publication, secure use and especially changes. That is where API management comes in, making a decisive contribution towards enabling you to interact with your business partners cost-effectively, quickly and securely.

Internet of Things / Industry 4.0

How can you incorporate data from intelligent sensors, machines and devices into your applications?
Sensors are getting smarter, cheaper and more networked, but unstable, potentially huge data streams and cloud solutions are never far behind. If you and your customers are thinking about predictive maintenance, benchmarks or 'as a service' business models, distributed operation and configuration data play a decisive role. These topics are directly related to your ability to integrate systems intelligently, securely and quickly. Integration is already important today - and as decentralisation increases, it is becoming even more so.

Unattended bots (robots) with RPA

How do you bring data into your applications when there are no interfaces?

Thanks to intelligent automation by bots (by Robot from Robot Process Automation RPA), data can be transferred to applications automatically and without user interaction, even if no APIs or interfaces exist. This is easily done by the bot via the user interface. This frees employees from routine tasks, which reduces costs, improves compliance and accelerates processes.

Integration architecture is a critical element of any IT strategy and must be designed to suit your core business objectives as well as to make the best use of available resources. Our integration projects always begin with a thorough analysis of the current situation that goes far beyond technical aspects. In a concept paper we determine concrete goals, the software and system architecture, and also selected on-premises, hybrid or cloud operating models.

Building on the concept developed in the planning phase, our team will continue to work iteratively on customised integration architecture. Our solutions are always modular and incorporate existing strategic applications. We place great emphasis on maximum scalability for all components - whether functional or in the operating model. As an integration partner, we work closely with your system's suppliers, and we are able to build bridges thanks to our unique, 'unblinkered' thought process.

Our support does not stop after the go-live. Trained, certified specialists implement your solution on your systems or in our data centre as a 'managed service', and also monitor externally provided cloud software (Integration Platform as a Service, IPaaS). We provide a bespoke 'Service Level Agreement' so that you, as the customer, are ensured the appropriate, proactive and reactive measures to meet your needs and to guarantee a sustainable, secure operation.

Satisfied customers are our best reference.

Used Software Products

As a premier IBM business partner, clavis IT is a knowledgeable contact partner for the following IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products: IBM Filenet, IBM Content Manager, IBM Case Foundation, IBM Content Foundation, IBM Content Navigator, IBM Watson, IBM Content Collector for email, IBM Content Collector for SAP and Mobile Capture.


As their partner in the scanning environment clavis IT relies on market leader Kofax, and uses the following products: Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation modules, Kofax Front Office servers, and the Kofax Import Connector.

IBM Products



DB2 database software offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on your choice of platform from Linux, UNIX and Windows to z/OS. Learn how customers are transforming their data center with DB2.

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IBM Integration Bus (formerly IBM WebSphere Message Broker) provides a range of different options for implementing a universal integration foundation based on an enterprise service bus (ESB). These implementations enable connectivity and transformation in heterogeneous IT environments for companies of any size and industry and with various platforms such as the cloud and z/OS. IBM Integration Bus is a flexible, scalable enterprise service bus for small and medium-sized projects.

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IBM MQ is a powerful piece of messaging middleware which can simplify and speed up cross-platform integration of different applications and business data. IBM MQ enables secure and reliable exchange of information between applications, systems, services, and files. Message data is transmitted and received via message queues. This simplifies the creation and maintenance of business applications. Universal messaging provides a wide range of applications for your company-wide messaging needs, and connectivity for the Internet of things and mobile devices.

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Der WSO2 Enterprise Integrator bringt Ihnen Leistung und Geschwindigkeit durch eine Open-Source-Integrationsplattform. Mit dem Integrator können Sie Daten zwischen Ihren Legacy-Systemen, SaaS-Anwendungen, Diensten und APIs verbinden und transformieren – auf diesem Weise erhalten Sie alle Fähigkeiten einer verbundenen, digitalen Architektur. Das EI-Paket umfasst die Laufzeit für die Integration von Daten und Services, Messaging und die Ausführung von Geschäftsprozessen, zusätzlich ist es die Basis für Ihre Microservices sowie Analysen.

Wie jedes andere WSO2-Produkt ist auch der WSO2 API Manager eine Open-Source-Lösung, die Ihnen alle Freiheiten bietet, um Richtungen und Umfänge zu ändern. Gleichzeitig unterstützt Sie das Produkt vollständig rund um API-Publishing, Lifecycle-Management, Anwendungsentwicklung, Zugriffskontrolle, Durchsatzratenbegrenzung und Analysen. Der WSO2 API Manager ist das Zuhause von Sicherheits- und Governance-Komponenten, die Ihre Mitarbeiter, Daten und Systeme schützen. Und da haben wir’s auch schon: ultimative Freiheit, kombiniert mit unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten.

rssbus Produkte

AS2 Connector (formerly /n software AS2 Connector) has been written to run on top of the RSSBus Integration Server platform, providing new capabilities such as cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, Mac), integrated ‚AS2 restart‘, Very Large Message (VLM) support, FIPS 140-2 compliance, and more!

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Automation Anywhere Products

Enterprise A2019 - the latest version of Automation Anywhere, offers companies the choice of on-premise or cloud deployment. It is the first platform to offer RPA-as-a-Service as a turnkey automation solution for businesses of all sizes.

Automation Anywhere's Digital Workforce facilitates all aspects of an organization's automation. Enterprise A2019 forms the RPA foundation where both supervised and unattended bots can be created, managed and easily extended. This is achieved through customizable programming code and AI technologies.

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