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How can you handle documents in your business processes efficiently and in compliance with legal requirements?

Companies are faced with the challenge of making optimum use of documents in their business processes and storing them in a well-organised, legally compliant way. We have been helping our customers to successfully digitise their business processes for over ten years.


Digital documents offer decisive advantages over paper, such as ease of indexing and searchability, remote access or the ability for two or more people to read and edit documents in parallel. In the 'document solutions' sector, we tap into that potential through the design, implementation and operation of comprehensive scanning, capturing, archiving and information management solutions.



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Document Capture 

Our solutions replace slow, error-prone paper processes with efficiency-enhancing workflows. We digitise your paper documents and make the extracted information - enriched with metadata - usable.


Thanks to leading capture technology, we can capture and process documents of any type and origin. If desired, the solution can send the extracted data and prepared images back for further handling by your processes, at the same time as storing the documents in long-term archives in accordance with legal requirements. This reduces process cycle times and minimises handling errors in manual process steps.

Working with Documents

Employees can find the documents and information they need in just a few clicks, and use them effectively in their work - wherever they are, at any time. Our scalable system enables optimal collaborative work with all types of file.


With an intuitive user interface, internal and external users can simultaneously retrieve all the documents they need to complete a task efficiently on their screen. The cutting-edge analytics and search functionality of IBM Watson, paired with a well-structured navigation system and role-based views in the IBM Content Navigator, provide the fastest possible access. You can minimise time delays and optimise location-independent collaborative work.

Archiving Documents

All archived information is securely stored long-term in the company-wide archive. Thanks to smart indexing and bundling in electronic folders, content can be found and retrieved quickly at any time.


Market-leading IBM ECM technology forms the basis of our highly secure archiving systems. Cleverly selected metadata enable multi-dimensional yet clear indexing of all types of file. These files are bundled in electronic folders and stored in an organised way in the company-wide archive. This means your employees can quickly access the content they need to carry out their daily work, even years after it was filed.

Integration / Interfaces

We rely on a centralised data management system for capturing documents and sharing information in various internal and external systems. Thus you can effectively orchestrate your data flows.


We see the centralisation of interfaces and master data as a strategic IT task that will allow you to react flexibly to changes in your application landscape in the long term. Our integration services make target and source systems independent of each other. This speeds up your data flows, increases your efficiency and reduces the cost of changes.

Intelligent automation with RPA

Repeating tasks and entering data into multiple systems is time consuming and error prone.


With intelligent automation by bots (from Robot Process Automation RPA), data and documents can be easily controlled and reactions can be triggered to communicate with other digital systems. This frees employees from routine tasks, reducing costs, improving compliance and accelerating processes

Information Management Consultancy

Modern information management solutions offer huge potential. We help you tap into it. From consultation to taking over project management roles, we are your perfect sparring partner.


We support you with care and commitment as we transform your document management into a comprehensive information management system. Developments in the areas of big data, social and analytics are particularly promising for companies. When you use our consultancy services, you benefit from our extensive experience, our expertise and the results of research by the world-leading IBM labs.

Secure, from the first idea to daily use.

We carry out a thorough analysis of the existing situation to examine the relevant business processes, the parties concerned and their responsibilities, and the documents and systems involved. The result is a detailed concept paper that includes a benefit analysis, specific goals, a cost projection and an implementation roadmap, in addition to all the technical and organisational aspects.

Building on the concept, our team then iteratively implements your customised information management solution. Our solutions are modular and integrate into existing strategic applications such as ERP or CRM. They can be implemented progressively and, thanks to the high scalability of all components, can be extended. Because the static document folder in the archive system is separate from the dynamic user interface, our solutions can be specially adapted to your individual needs and workflows.

Our support does not stop after the go-live. Trained and certified specialists will take over the operation of your solution on your systems or in our data centre. A 'Service Level Agreement' guarantees you extensive, trouble-free support. We will ensure your solution stays up-to-date with regular updates. If you have any problems our service desk is available to help.

Used Software Products

As a premier IBM business partner, clavis IT is a knowledgeable contact partner for the following IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products: IBM Filenet, IBM Content Manager, IBM Case Foundation, IBM Content Foundation, IBM Content Navigator, IBM Watson, IBM Content Collector for email, IBM Content Collector for SAP and Mobile Capture.


As their partner in the scanning environment clavis IT relies on market leader Kofax, and uses the following products: Kofax Capture, Kofax Transformation modules, Kofax Front Office servers, and the Kofax Import Connector.

IBM Products

IBM FileNet Content Manager is the content management solution for the FileNet P8 platform. It combines powerful document management with ready to use workflow tools for automation of your content-related tasks and activities. FileNet Content Manager can be combined with various applications from IBM and other vendors, such as IBM Watson Content Analytics, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.

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Users can access company content, and edit and manage it anytime, anywhere from desktop systems, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. The main document management features include the following: version control, direct document comparison, review and approval processes, check-in and check-out functions, and the ability to select, create and edit metadata. With an add-on for Microsoft Office, you can search, browse and check documents in and out directly in Microsoft Office applications.

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IBM Content Collector for email enables automatic, policy-based email archiving. This means you can reduce IT costs and increase the efficiency of email systems. Companies can fulfill their legal and compliance-related storage requirements easily - using a value-based archiving concept that relates the IT costs for data storage to the value of the data. IBM Content Collector for email helps companies to archive their email systems based on IBM Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Exchange Online, and SMTP.

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SAP archiving with IBM Content Collector for SAP applications enables flexible archiving, web content management, and governance for SAP data and related content. The solution expands IBM value-based archiving capabilities to SAP applications and archive memories. IBM Content Collector for SAP applications helps reduce the total cost of operation, as costs connected to limited, isolated SAP offers are avoided and complete SAP business solutions are implemented, which means that extensive functionality is available in a single product.

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The product allows comprehensive process management including process modelling, advanced analysis and simulation functions, and business activity monitoring. It automatically manages process exceptions in order to be able to respond immediately and flexibly to internal events or customer demands. And it is a core component of IBM FileNet P8, which is fully integrated with other IBM content management solutions. Process standards such as BPMN (process modelling) and XPDL (definition and execution) are of course supported.

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IBM Content Foundation provides full functionality for managing the content life cycle and documents in order to support the widespread introduction of enterprise content management (ECM). This product is designed for quick, cost-effective solutions. It enables better control of existing and new content types with comprehensive scalability, security, stability, and cross-platform functionality. IBM Content Foundation is user-friendly, supports fast implementation, and is suitable for small to large businesses.

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IBM Watson Content Analytics is a powerful analytical solution with which the company can summarise, analyse and visualise enormous amounts of information in order to gain important insights. Watson Content Analytics helps companies to interpret and understand business information, to review what is known, and bring the unknown to light. It can be fully integrated in the archive systems Content Manager and FileNet Content Manager and the IBM Content Navigator user interface.

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Kofax Products

Kofax Capture automates and accelerates business processes by capturing all types of paper documents and forms, converting them into reliable information that can be retrieved at any time and transferring the information to your business applications, processes, and workflows. Whether the data is on paper or in electronic files, in a central office or scattered over desktops in remote offices throughout the world, Kofax Capture can help you to process it.

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With the Kofax Mobile Capture™ platform, companies can integrate powerful, interactive capture and process management components into their mobile apps. This makes it possible to optimise information-intensive interactions and extend self-service features to customers. Using this platform, smartphones are turned into intelligent tools for recording information with dynamic apps that "address customers wherever they are" - exactly when they want to be addressed, and on their preferred communication channel. With the Kofax Mobile Capture platform, companies can improve their customer service, speed up transactions, and make more sales.

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Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) is a package of add-ons for Kofax Capture for streamlined conversion of different types of documents into structured electronic information in order to integrate them into business processes. Error-prone and expensive manual sorting and input processes are replaced by automatic classification, separation and data extraction from documents, which reduces labour costs, increases productivity and data quality, and accelerates business processes.

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By using devices such as multifunction peripherals (MFPs), network scanners, smartphones and tablets, the Kofax Front Office server integrates employees with customer contact directly into existing business processes. In order to initiate a transaction or workflow, or to capture this as early as possible, they simply have to place a document on the scanner or take a picture.

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Automation Anywhere Products

Enterprise A2019 - the latest version of Automation Anywhere, offers companies the choice of on-premise or cloud deployment. It is the first platform to offer RPA-as-a-Service as a turnkey automation solution for businesses of all sizes.

Automation Anywhere's Digital Workforce facilitates all aspects of an organization's automation. Enterprise A2019 forms the RPA foundation where both supervised and unattended bots can be created, managed and easily extended. This is achieved through customizable programming code and AI technologies.

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