Strong partners


In order to be able to provide the right solutions and services, we work closely with strong partners. With these collaborations, we exploit in a targeted manner the potential for synergies which ultimately benefit our customers.

IBM is one of the few constants in the otherwise fast-paced IT sector. The global company, with approximately 400,000 employees, has succeeded repeatedly in reinventing itself and repositioning itself on the market. One of the things to which this can be attributed is a unique drive for innovation which can continually shape the entire market. Current examples are solutions in the area of CAMS (the cloud, analytics, mobile, social media).

IBM is important for clavis IT as a technology partner for two reasons: firstly, "Big Blue" symbolises constancy and stability in the dynamic and fast-paced IT sector and thus represents security of investment.

Secondly, the company boasts a global network for market research, innovation, and development. Solutions which clavis IT implements for customers are built on this unique blend of stability and topicality in IBM software products.

Kofax is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for smart capture and process automation.  With these solutions, companies optimise communication with their customers for the business-critical "first mile". The "first mile" represents the first data and information-intensive interactions that customers have with a company.

Kofax provides clavis IT with market-leading technologies in the field of scanning and document data extraction (capture). This means that innovative Kofax products are crucial elements in tapping the potential of digital document processing.


Our competent partner for IaaS- and Cloud-services

Alexander-Schöni-Strasse 40
2501 Biel

Telefon +41 32 329 29 29

The digital transformation poses great challenges for businesses, not only with their products and services but their entire business model. Video is increasingly gaining importance, not only in multimedia, and the high data quantities it requires pose tremendous technical and organizational challenges. Many suppliers in a broad range of industries feel overwhelmed by the new options and requirements because it is hard to keep up with the pace of change.

SWISS TXT is Switzerland's navigator in this digital world. It knows the right ways to reach customers' targets securely or to discover unknown opportunities and new possibilities together with them. As an inspiring partner and trailblazer, SWISS TXT helps them to identify opportunities, implement innovative ideas and rise to the challenges of the digital world in a lasting way.

  • Hosting and operation of infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Quality and security thanks to two highly available, redundant Swiss data centers
  • Fulfill public data protection guidelines in ISO-certified data centers
  • Broadband Internet peering at 24 Gbit/s
  • The latest technologies and processes (CloudStack, Ansible, Puppet, etc.)
  • 24/7 support und devops
  • Certified Amazon partner for AWS
  • Large selection of storage options: high performance multimedia, data archive, etc.
  • 1’500 concurrent virtual machines, 5 petabytes of total storage volume
  • Possible fields of operation: video hosting, video streaming in different video player, basis for video logistics

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is one of the leading software providers for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the platform on which more and more leading companies are building their Intelligent Digital Workforces. The Automation Anywhere platform uses software bots that work closely with people to perform repetitive tasks in many industries. It is the only Intelligent Digital Workforce platform currently available on the market that combines RPA with cognitive and embedded analytics technologies.

More than 3,500 organizations and 1,900 of the world's largest brands use the AI-based platform to scale and manage their business processes faster. At the same time, the application significantly reduces operating costs. For further information:


Automation Anywhere clavis IT offers market leading technologies in the field of Robot Process Automation RPA. Thus, innovative Automation Anywhere products are decisive elements in the intelligent automation of processes and tasks.

Our implementation partners


When designing, developing, and providing our solutions, we can count on efficient implementation partners who complement our skills and our expertise.

ESMO Žilina, a.s.

ESMO is a Slovakian software company which specialises in the development of customised solutions based on Liferay, Java, and Fabasoft.

ESMO supports us with expertise and resources in individual software projects. This collaboration enables us to tackle larger projects and offer our customers attractive terms for individual software.

Witzig The Office Company

We make offices. Witzig the Office Company's services are based on the concept that optimisation of the layout and the atmospheric design of colours and materials plays just as great a part as the individual processes and methods of work. This gives our customers added value.

Witzig The Office Company and clavis IT deal with new working environments from different perspectives. The Witzig Document Solutions joint offer provides totally worry-free leasing solutions for digital document processing. Our motto here is: Digital, not physical!

EPS Software Engineering

EPS Software Engineering AG 
Pestalozzistrasse 27 
CH-9500 Wil 
Tel. +41 71 914 40 50 
Fax +41 71 911 13 87

a company of 4IT Holding AG

Good software is designed to make our lives easier. Individually developed engineering and business solutions from EPS fulfill exactly this purpose: they help our customers to achieve more efficient production. This is often a case of establishing a new, solid, software basis for Access or Excel solutions that have grown over a long period of time. Extensive IT expertise on the part of the customer is not required for this - we are happy to take the lead.

When developing engineering and business tools we also confine ourselves to the technical environment, because we speak this language - our engineers know this field very well.

Our customers have numerous innovative products with EPS software at their core. Our engineers develop customised solutions in close partnership with the respective teams on the customer side - often with the Research & Development department. Such collaborations between specialists from different disciplines allow for unique results: developments that just one of the two teams would not have been able to devise alone.

The original core field of EPS is the engineering of software for application in products. Areas of application include instrument and machine operations and information systems.

Calydo is a marketing and communications consultancy company. They consistently shape customer and stakeholder relationships from the perspective of the target audience and help companies with concepts and measures to increase the relevance of their offers, content, and experiences.

Their digital team is a group of specialists in the areas of strategy and consulting, data analytics, user experience and interaction design, as well as development. Thanks to close collaboration using agile approaches they provide relevant, high-quality solutions for a better digital world.

Some requirements demonstrate the highest expectations for design, user guidance, and also in the direction of an exceptional user experience. We are convinced that these points are already crucial and will gain even more importance in the future. User demands have increased enormously in recent years and will also continue to rise.

For this reason, we as a software company decided to work with a proven interaction design specialist, our partner company Calydo AG from Steinhausen.

SIX Paynet operates the largest industry-independent Swiss network for transmission of VAT-compliant electronic invoices. With innovative services related to electronic invoices, SIX Paynet guarantees efficient and inexpensive invoice processing for both sender and recipient.

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