Vision / Mission

«We help our customers to
achieve a competitive advantage.»

Our values



We win over our customers with our innovative strength and cost-effectiveness, as well as our reliability and quality. Our customers appreciate our particular way of thinking and working, which is shaped by our exceptional dedication paired with a high level of customer focus and fairness.


Our employees combine many close relationships, shared experiences and fundamental values. We draw energy in particular from friendly relationships within our team as well as through collaborative relationships with customers and business partners. We see our common task as challenging, are dedicated to our work and are proud to work at clavis IT.



Our mission



As a technology, processes and products specialist, we skilfully combine business and IT expertise. Our goal is to provide innovative, customised solutions in order to give our customers a sustainable competitive advantage.


In everything we do, we seek economic success and a leading market position. Our financial independence and entrepreneurial freedom enable us to aim for a responsible approach in the long-term.

Our core skills

We pride ourselves on close, personal customer relationships and we have a clear goal: to increase your business success with technology, expertise and personal commitment. Our carefully developed, varied skillset makes us stand out from the crowd, and is the foundation for long-lasting, value-adding partnerships.

Thanks to our innovative customers, our strong partnerships with leading technology companies and universities, and not least our open minds, we are always in touch with trends in society, the market and the IT sector. We design our goals and solutions appropriately, with our customers' long-term success in mind.

Close partnerships with industry-leading providers and the open source community give us access to the latest developments, products and tools. We skilfully combine different components to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

We stand out thanks to our absolute customer-orientation, and we support you with care and commitment. Our employees identify with your company and take 100% personal responsibility for your success.

We base our performance on clearly defined concepts, methods and international standards such as ISO 9001 or ITIL. Our employees are highly trained and have certified expertise. They are actively supported and are constantly developing, professionally and personally.

Our quality



Sophisticated quality management plays a crucial role at clavis IT, where we aim at the continuous development of the entire company.

Which is why our fully process-oriented management system has been certified in accordance with ISO9001:2008 since autumn 2009. This means, specifically, that:

  • we are committed to continuous improvement;
  • the quality of our solutions is not only the result of individual performance, but also of a streamlined organisation;
  • our approach is clear and documented;
  • the functions, duties, and responsibilities of our employees are defined;
  • we regularly review customer satisfaction;
  • employees, partners, and suppliers are kept clearly informed on an ongoing basis.

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