What's new with IBM Content Navigator 3.0.5



What's new with IBM Content Navigator 3.0.5

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What's new for users

External Share with content contribution (folder Share)

You can securely share documents and folders that are stored in your content repository with external users by using the IBM Content Navigator external share feature. 

Video files support (FileNet P8 only)

IBM Content Navigator provides a new video viewer that supports streaming, with the ability to create bookmarks at any point in the video. Note that your administrator must configure IBM Content Navigator for video viewing before you can stream videos.

Mac Edit service performance improvement

The time it takes to open a document in the IBM Content Navigator web client and save document changes into the repository when using the Mac Edit service is improved.

Recycle Bin

You can right-click on a document and move it to the Recycle Bin. After you have placed items in your Recycle Bin, you can restore them or remove them completely.


What's new for administrators

SAML support 

You can now use the SAML SSO method with IBM Content Navigator for Microsoft Office, the Edit Service, and IBM Content Navigator Sync. 

Auto-initialization of the configuration database

If the IBM Content Navigator tables do not yet exist, you can create the database tables by using a modified database script. 

Child component support in IBM Content Navigator for Microsoft Office

You can now search for and work with child components when using IBM Content Navigator for Microsoft Office. Aspera improvements (FileNet P8 only)

Aspera improvements

IBM Content Navigator now supports using an HTTPS URL for Aspera servers that are configured to use SSL. You can also enable a status icon that will show the Aspera upload status.


System update

clavis IT has already used the version for first installations. If you are also interested in a system update, please contact us.

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