Projekt: Alloga - Optimierung Bestellprozess im Kundendienst

Alloga - Optimisation of the Order Process in Customer Service


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Alloga AG


Digitisation and Data Recognition with CloudCapture


The Swiss Prewholesale company Alloga is one of the leading logistic service providers in the health sector. Based on a modular, process-oriented Full Service throughout the complete supply chain, the excellent quality of Alloga is guaranteed by its well-educated employees, audited processes, modern infrastructure and competent partners.

So far all fax orders in the Alloga Customer Service first had to be manually sorted and afterwards captured and processed, which demanded a high manual effort. This working process was not only time-consuming and prone to error but also required a high personnel deployment. In addition there was the challenge to capture all fax peaks.


Each fax order is now received through a fax server as an electronic picture and is then transmitted to an automatic data recognition. The data is captured and extracted by OCR-mechanisms. The digitised orders are being processed with the help of our qualified employees and are then imported into the ERP system.


You can find more information regarding the CloudCapture solution by clavis IT in the following video:


Using this OCR-solution the following points could be optimised at the Alloga Customer service:

– The necessity of paper printouts is abolished

– The capture error rate is sinking steadily

– The whole process is digitally recorded