Projekt: INNOSourcing - Beschaffungscommunity

INNOSourcing - Procurement Community


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  • Realization

  • 2013

  • Software Product

  • Liferay Portal

    Liferay Social Office

    Div. individuell entwickelte Portlets

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Project Information


INNOSourcing GmbH


Procurement Community


INNOSourcing GmbH is one of the leading companies in the Swiss procurement market and specialised on procurement of services and indirect materials (products used for servicing, maintaining and operating machines as well as for the administration). Having more than 100 framework agreements with suppliers, INNOSourcing covers almost all product groups and provides the customers the achievement of a continuous and sustainable process and cost optimisation.

The Procurement Community "" is based on Liferay Portal and offers the customers a role-based access on the framework agreements. Furthermore, it enhances the exchange within the community. 



  • Public and private page
  • Multilingual (German, English, French)
  • Use of Liferay Social Office
  • Document administration
  • Activity stream including e-mail notifications for community members, when there is a change
  • Consolidated e-mail notifications of all activities
  • Intensive use of permissions, roles and user groups of Liferay