Projekt: Falco Linsen AG - Digitisation of Order and Quality Processes

Falco Linsen AG - Digitisation of Order and Quality Processes


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Falco Linsen AG


Digitisation and Data Recognition with CloudCapture


For more than 30 years Falco Linsen AG produces hard contact lenses and is characterised by many years of experience regarding innovation and development of anatomic contact lenses.

Falco Linsen AG, a company with 18 employees manufactures about 23'000 contact lenses per year and supplies mainly opticians and ophthalmologists in the German-speaking Europe.

The core business is the development and production of the unique, geometrical rear faces of contact lenses which are especially made for corneal curvature, presbyopia, keratoconus, corneal transplantation, post-lasik and further medical indications.

The requirements regarding quality assurance and traceability are reallly high. Therefore Falco Linsen AG has decided to digitise all paper-based production orders and directly connect them with the ERP system. The automatic storage of the orders is enabled by the distinct barcode on the documents.

With this solution the following points have been improved:

  • simple, location-independent and immediate access on all relevant order documents which especially is a benefit regarding telephone consultations of customers
  • fast and automatic storage of production orders