Projekt: Brütsch/Rüegger Werkzeuge AG - Vertriebsradar

Sales radar – 360° Customer View


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Sales radar – 360° Customer View


Brütsch/Rüegger Tools offers the full range of quality tools on an international level. Based on Liferay Portal and in collaboration with the customer, clavis IT developed an application to visualise and support the sales process (acquisition, customer visits, offer tracking, follow-up). By integrating the ERP and management system, information is provided to employees in one central tool, tailored to the different roles of employees in the sales process.


Sales office

  • Access to quotes and related information
  • Enriching quotes with comments and additional information
  • Workflow to complete quotes
  • Assigning responsibilities for quotes and follow-up
  • Managing open tasks
  • Clean overview of customers and related information
  • Managing follow-up activities
  • Notifications for overdue tasks


Sales agents

  • Key information on customers tailored for display on sales agents’ devices
  • Support to prepare visits
  • Managing visit reports
  • Managing and accessing custom terms and conditions
  • Managing contacts
  • Accessing all quotes from all areas to optimize conversations on-site


Calculation department:

  • Overview of upcoming tasks
  • Workflow to complete quotes
  • Eliminating paper-based processes


Business unit manager:

  • Workflow for custom terms and conditions, including approval process
  • Overview of quotes process
  • Transparency of planned absences
  • Overview of follow-up activities
  • Notifications for extraordinary or particularly big requests for quotes


Sales manager:

  • Notifications for extraordinary or particularly big requests for quotes
  • Overview of sales process over the whole company
  • Forecast / pipeline


Executive management:

  • Reproducibilty in the sales process
  • Notifications for extraordinary or particularly big requests for quotes
  • Analytics
  • Forecast / pipeline
  • Full integration with archive


Key Features:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory (AD)
  • Illustration of the sales process with defined workflows
  • Bidirectional exchange of data with the ERP
  • Connection to Exchange Server
  • Connection with archive
  • Connection with shop system