Reference: Faberplace

Sharing Community for SMEs


Project Details

  • Realization

  • 2016 / 2017

  • Software Product

  • Liferay Portal Community Edition 7.0

  • Area

  • web solutions

  • Project Manager

  • Raphael Crivelli

Project Information


FaberPlace AG


Sharing Community for SMEs


Faberplace is the leading and most efficent sharing community for SME.

They focus on the exchange of workforce, know-how, machines and devices. So far, the service offered by FaberPlace, is a unique solution for craftsmen and SME in the internet.

FaberPlace allows SME to connect quick and easy and exchange workforce, machines, tools, know-how and capacities using contractual relations. This enables a smoothing out of fluctuations in demand, a higher capacity utilisation rate or an offering of special skills.

Together with clavis IT the Start-Up Faberplace developed the website and platform, including a connection to the ERP system.



  • Corporate Website including responsive theme
  • platform application
  • connection to the ERP system (bexio)
  • "voucher module"


Explanatory Video: