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CloudCapture / CloudRepository - Digital statt Regal


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CloudCapture / CloudRepository - Digital statt Regal


Witzig The Office Company faciliates daily life in the office and increases the motivation of your employees. 190 specialists fulfill all needs regarding office planing, office equipment, office operation, media and conference technology, office supplies and school supplies, relocations and maintenance and support services.


Witzig The Office Company is one of the leading independent provider of products and services and offers all elements for an efficient office. During the whole process, from planing up to realisation, you benefit from having only one contact person for all your needs. As a typical Swiss company Witzig is characterised by great reliability and high standards on perfection.


In the context of a "digital office", Witzig uses the electronic processing of the creditors with CloudCapture. With the help of powerful scanners the incoming creditors are being digitised and processed electronically. Therefore about 25 arrays with information on distributor, order, payment conditions and payment amount are detected and provided for validation by accounting specialists. The digital, audited creditor invoice is then processed to the electronic archive Cloudrepository, the data file is transmitted to the ERP system. As a result, the employees of Witzig only have to authorise the payment. That leads to an acceleration of lead times and provides an overview of open invoices at any time.


The electronic access to digital invoices either occurs directly, using the URL link from the ERP system, or by searching in the CloudRepository database.