We attend you with our services
through the whole IT life cycle


We will support you in the management of your business documents – From handling of incoming mail down to the end of the document life cycle.

By means of our services and solutions, large quantities of unstructured electronic business documents in companies and organizations are handled, archived and made available for rapid and secure access by employees.

e-archive solutions by clavis IT simplify and accelerate routine work in your company and help to take account of applicable laws related to data retention and in this manner help to prevent compliance issues. We exploit the processing advantages of electronic formats.

e-archive by clavis IT places a definitive emphasis on maximum integration of ECM-solutions with existing, peripheral systems: Unstructured data is intended to be archived not only for the medium term, but also so that it can be used daily in the proper context. In this regard, e-archive customers profit from conceptual and technological synergies with the other clavis IT competency areas of e-business and e-collaboration.

You can use e-archive by clavis IT either through a Service subscription agreement, without the need for your own systems and operations organization, or you may use an in-house solution tailored to your own specific needs.