We apply our comprehensive expertise in IT and business processes for the success of your company.

We assist you from the concept to operation.

Our offer is exclusively geared towards realising our customers' ideas or solving problems with the help of technology, specific expertise, and commitment.


«we plan»

We offer more than software, and you can put our consultancy service to use wherever you need it: in specialist departments, in business processes, or in strategic management. We are able to analyse complex business connections and assist you with creative ideas to design a solution. We love the process of turning visions and ideas into concrete solutions.


«we build»

Unlike a traditional consultancy company, our internal systems engineers and software engineers are also able to implement technical solutions in practice themselves or in collaboration with partners. The core issues here are document solutions, web solutions, and enterprise integration. The overall objective of any solution is always to improve your efficiency by integrating processes, systems, or people.


«we run»

We are convinced that the quality of a solution is a matter of customer benefit - and sustainability. With this in mind, good solutions require a plan for after going live. Stability, continuity, and scalability are aspects that influence our customised operating models - whether as «software as a service» in our data centre or as a «managed service» on your systems.


Martin Frischknecht

CFO • Partner

Tel. +41 71 577 50 51
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What our customers say

Satisfied customers are the result of our absolute commitment to customer value. They motivate us every day to do everything for the success of our customers.

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